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Why do we get cellulite?

After a decade of medical research, Endor Technologies have revolutionized the fight against cellulite.

In a nutshell, cellulite is caused when fat pods in the hypodermis are able to push through the dermis causing a dimpled, lumpy appearance on the surface of the skin. This starts to happen when the density of the dermis becomes weaker and therefore the skin becomes less firm, making the dermis no longer able to resist fat globules that result in cellulite.

Celltense™ Serum, by Endor Technologies, is scientifically proven to boost and accelerate the efficacy of radio frequency body tightening treatments, making them 18 times more effective.

How does Celltense™ work?

Celltense™ is an adjuvant serum that is clinically proven to boost and accelerate the effects of radio frequency (RF) body tightening treatments, making them 18 times more effective. With outstanding visible results the Celltense™ Serum, partnered with RF treatments, increases the density of the dermis, firms and smooths the epidermis allowing skin to resist fat pods that cause cellulite!

Where is it available?

Celltense™ Serum is a professional product available by request at many med-spas. At Skinfluence Medical Aesthetics, we have seen such profound results with the use of Celltense™ that we now use it on every Radio-Frequency procedure with no extra charge to the client.

Did you know?

During the post-marketing trials conducted by Endor, they recommended doing a test leg/arm and control leg/arm in the evaluation protocol for 6 weeks....

Guess what happened.....
⁠Most of the volunteers were switched to Celltense™ Serum to be used in combination with RF treatments on both limbs after the THIRD session because the results were too significant for the volunteer to continue the control!⁠

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