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What exactly is Micro-Needling?

And why should I be interested in this service?

If you are you interested in getting a silky, soft skin texture in only 2 weeks, then read on!

When people hear the term "micro-needling" the first thing they think of is NEEDLES? No thank you!  But the wonderful thing about this service is that because the needles are so tiny, and numbing cream is used beforehand, there is very little discomfort.  The improvement in texture and tone of the skin quick and incredible.

How does it work?

In a nut shell, the Eclipse  MicroPen® Elite, a handheld micro-needling device, is used to make tiny, even, pinpricks onto the surface of the skin. This immediately activates collagen production and over the following two weeks the skin texture changes into a firmer, even tone, soft and smooth.

What is it used for?

Most commonly, micro-needling is used for:

Uneven skin tone

Acne scars

Age spots

Fine lines and wrinkles

Large pores

Reduced elasticity.

“I look forward to every treatment, because I see results immediately. Nothing works as well as the Eclipse MicroPen® Elite. I would highly recommend it to anyone!

Elizabeth K.

What should I expect after Micro-Needling?

Immediately following the treatment, you will notice some redness and irritation.  This will ease off over the next few hours.  By the end of two weeks, you will be blown away by how silky and soft your skin is!

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