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How to have Smooth and Gorgeous Skin in Winter

It's no secret that winter weather can be harsh on our skin. Especially in Calgary! The air becomes dry, causing moisture to be sucked out of the skin's top layers and making it more difficult to keep skin hydrated. And while those hot showers might feel wonderful after a really cold day, exposing skin to hot water for too long helps contribute to skin's dryness.

How can you avoid dry, itchy, cracked skin in the winter? The obvious answer is to moisturize regularly. Keep a good quality hand cream with you to avoid cracked skin, and pay special attention to the areas around the face and neck. At Skinfluence we love the Anti-aging Nutritive Cream  by ENDOR ™ Technologies. This product is  specially formulated for dry skin and/or skin exposed to dry or cold climates.

But winter isn't just about battling dry skin. It's also an opportunity to reset as we prepare for the warm months ahead. Take advantage of our skin care services available to ensure your skin is ready for the seasonal changes, and undo some of the adverse effects from the colder months.

Facial Treatments

Hydration is crucial, especially during the winter season.  Consider trying one of our dermaplaning treatments followed by a Serum application and finally a HydroJelly mask. Made from beneficial algae and infused with electrolytes, this peel-off mask works by creating a vacuum-like seas over the applied areas, allowing the face to absorb ENDOR ™Serum more fully.

Laser Hair Removal

It's easy to let our body hair grow out in the winter months because, let's face it, who's going to see it? But the truth is, winter is the best time to have laser hair removal. This is because after a laser session it is important to limit UV exposure to the treated areas. If you are thinking about trying Laser Hair Removal, now is the perfect time! The DiolazeXL   is a high-speed laser hair removal system that removes large areas of hair quickly and painlessly. Safe for all skin types, DiolazeXL is an exceptional alternative to other forms of hair removal.

Body Contouring

Use this winter to prepare for the warm weather ahead by getting rid of some of that unwanted fat in hard-to-lose places with a body contouring package. The BodyFX uses radio-frequency energy to permanently destroy fat cells while simultaneously tightening skin through collagen production. Popular areas for this treatment are the stomach, sides, thighs, and arms, and 6-8 treatments are recommended for the best results.

Yes, winter can be tough on skin, but it doesn't have to be just about preventing dryness. The winter can also be a time to reset and reflect on our skin and body goals, and move towards achieving them. Contact us if you would like to know more or book an appointment.

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